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What do we do?

Want to present your research findings in a simply understandable way, and deliver it to the wider public? Want to differentiate your work from others’, and win your contributing partners, so that you achieve the highest impact?

We help you to briefly and spectacularly summarize the essence of your findings by visually highlighting the key points. Through our consultations we develop the content together, and then with professional graphic design we create a truly memorable and imposing material in your desired format. If needed, we arrange the translation of the content, so that there would be no obstacles to international communication either.

Want to deliver your company messages, professional studies and summaries, process descriptions, or communication materials to your colleagues, clients or customers in a spectacular, special and professional way?

ReGraph helps you to present your content in a spectacular way and a clearly understandable language. By highlighting the most important contents with professional graphic design, our service supports transparency, easy and fast apprehension, and thus the successful communication towards your partners, clients or the wider audience.





Knowledge share

How do we do it?


Following a thorough personal or online (e.g. Skype) consultation we discuss your research topic, your key findings that you would like to highlight, and your communication goals.

Content planning

Based on the initial information we create the content summary, optimized for your target audience, in a clear and simple language (in foreign languages as well if needed).


We create the final layout in the desired format, visually highlighting the key points with professional graphic design.