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Want to present your research findings in a clear and simple way? 

Want to spectacularly communicate your message to your colleagues and clients?

ReGraph helps you to present your content in a brief, simply understandable and spectacular way.

By highlighting and visually representing the key points, our service supports transparency, easy and fast apprehension, and thus the effective and target-oriented communication towards your partners, clients and the wider public.

Why visually?

Information that is accompanied with relevant visual content is 6x more efficiently memorized and retrieved than that which is only heard or read.

Infographics get 3x more likes and shares in social media than any other type of content, and people spend more time looking at them than at textual contents.

Visuals help scientists to convey key concepts and models - and proper visual communication requires understanding, thought and planning. “Images are becoming what our society is about” (Felice Frankel, MIT)

65% of marketing specialists say that visual assets are core to the communication of a brand or a product.

Why with us?

Because we have years of sound experience in various field of graphic design

Because we have experience in academia, and know how it is to present to a new audience

Because we have experience in internal and external corporate communication